Best of Both Bulk Fills

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The Estelite Bulk Fill Flow provides worry-free restorations that last

Several years ago, bulk fill composites were first introduced with the promise of simplifying many restorative procedures. No longer would it be necessary to incrementally place layer after layer of composite to complete a full posterior case – just one or two layers and you would be done.

Unfortunately, even years after they were first introduced, most bulk fills fall short in several key areas that make them not as simple, or as fast, as one would hope.

Bulk fills categories
Like all composites, bulk fills can fall into two primary categories – flowable and universal types. Flowable bulk fills are generally suited for being used as large increment bases (on average up to 4mm) or liners because of their high cavity adaptation and quick placement, but almost always need a capping layer of different composite because they often lack the strength or esthetics to complete a restoration on their own.

The other category is universal type bulk fills, which generally exhibit improved esthetics and strength over flowable bulk fills. Because of this, most do not require a capping layer, but they are sometimes slower in placement than flowables and can often have issues related to cavity adaptation. This can potentially lead to failed restorations down the line.

Until now, doctors have had to choose between costs and benefits with these two types of bulk fills. Now, with launch of Tokuyama Dental America’s Estelite Bulk Fill Flow, it is possible to get the best of both worlds. Further improving on the speed offered by other bulk fills, Estelite Bulk Fill Flow is esthetic and strong all on its own, requiring no additional composites or equipment for outstanding esthetics and strength, offering faster and simpler single-increment restorations up to 4mm.

Utilizing the Estelite Spherical Filler technology that is the foundation for all Tokuyama composites, Estelite Bulk Fill Flow provides more natural looking bulk fill restorations through several key improvements. First is higher shade matching ability, which means that Estelite Bulk Fill Flow is able to match most cases with only five shades. Opacity is also markedly increased in this new bulk fill, an area that in particular many brands require a capping layer to make up for. Finally, thanks to its spherical filler technology and mirror like surface smoothness, achieving a high, natural, and long-lasting polish is easy.

However, Estelite Bulk Fill Flow isn’t just more esthetic – it is stronger and more durable as well. With 52 percent higher compressive strength than the leading flowable bulk fill and high flexural strength, patients can bite with confidence. Shrinkage stress is also minimized by the ball-bearing like qualities of the spherical fillers, which move freely and disperse the energy built up during polymerization. Spherical fillers also reduce wear and abrasion to the composite and opposing teeth, and exceptional cavity adaptation ensures that doctors can rely on Estelite Bulk Fill Flow to provide worry-free restorations that last.

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