Anutra Medical is revolutionizing local anesthetic delivery by coupling proven science with innovative technology. The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System® leverages the science of buffering – a chemical process that neutralizes acids with bases – to reduce the sting of injections, as well as rapidly speed up the onset time of local anesthetic.

Lidocaine with epinephrine – the typical anesthetic used in dental injections – is extremely acidic. In fact, it is more acidic than a lime or a lemon. It is that high level of acidity that causes the majority of the sting when injected. In addition, not everyone’s body is able to quickly process (buffer) the local anesthetic. That is why 60-70 percent of patients take as long as seven to nine minutes to reach pulpal anesthesia after one injection. In some cases, patients require multiple injections, or they take 20 minutes to get numb. With buffering, there is a 90 percent chance that a patient will reach pulpal anesthesia – even on a nerve block – in three minutes or less.

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There are few products that equally benefit the patient, the practitioner and the practice. The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System benefits all three. With increased onset of anesthetic, patients have shorter appointments and get numb more reliably. On average, studies show that the use of Anutra in a practice saves about 17 minutes per restorative case. In an average dental practice, that is between one and two hours a day. In addition, the injection is far more comfortable for patients. Countless patients claim, “I did not even feel the shot.” This adds great productivity, profitability and marketing ability for a practice.

It is important to understand what an office is currently using as their anesthetic protocol. The most successful doctors using Anutra see at least 20-25 restorative cases a week and use Anutra on every patient.

Anutra is a premium anesthetic and, as such, may be a more expensive solution. But, the value is there: Anutra is more reliable, reducing the need for bailout shots. It also is more predictable, facilitating shortened appointment times and more efficient scheduling. Because Anutra is more profound, dentists can use significantly less anesthetic than before. And it allows dentists to be more precise; by getting the exact amount of anesthetic they need, they eliminate anesthetic waste.

Your dental customers may feel that staying with a patient and going to work immediately after injection is a big workflow change. But, it’s a change that can transform productivity and profitability. Offices with lots of gadgets and technology are more likely to be successful with Anutra.

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