Publisher’s Letter

Bill Neumann

Embracing Change

When I sit down to craft the publisher’s letter, I sometimes have a theme or current topic I’d like to focus on, and other times I read through the articles that will appear in the current issue to find something relevant to discuss. I often joke with people in the dental industry that writing the publisher’s letter is one of my least favorite things to do. However, once I sit down to write it, I end up learning a lot. I am forced to really think about what is going on at that particular moment in our industry, and how it relates to our readers.

‘Change’ is the theme of this publisher’s letter and this issue. Each article in this issue referenced significant changes in our industry. Our industry is not alone when it comes to change. One only must look at the retail landscape, publishing, and even transportation, to see rather rapid and drastic changes. In dentistry we are seeing advancements in technology that are impacting almost every aspect of our customers’ business. Your challenge as a sales representative is understanding that change and helping your customers find products and services that will help them stay ahead of this evolution and use it to their advantage and to the benefit of their patients.

As we close out our 10th anniversary publishing First Impressions, we have some insightful content that you don’t want to miss. Our First Person column features an interview with Tim Sullivan, President of the North American Dental Group at Henry Schein. Tim looks back on the merger of Sullivan Dental and Henry Schein 20 years ago. He also speaks about what has changed and the increased pace of this change. Tim points out that even with this rapid change, some things remain the same: focusing on people, mentorship and work/life balance. These remain keys to running a successful business.

In Wide Open, David Rice, DDS discusses restorative dentistry and how technology is a valuable tool to enhance the patient experience. This technology also requires dentists to adapt to change as they integrate new equipment, procedures and processes into their practices.

Rounding out the theme of change, our Service Tech Profile on Greg Rehms of Burkhart Dental focuses on the tech’s role in helping practices adapt to constantly evolving technologies, such as digital radiography, milling machines and intraoral scanners.

With all this talk of change, you will also enjoy a more traditional and steadfast article. Our Rep Corner article features Andy Mutch of Benco Dental and his family’s Christmas tree farm.

In my opinion, the most successful reps will be the ones who embrace new technology and change, and in turn, help their customers adapt. You will need to help your customer overcome their fears, and together, make the necessary advancements to create a more successful practice.

Cheers to change,

Bill Neumann


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