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NSK Ti-Max Z900L

Primary function:

  • Provides restorative treatment.

Life of equipment:

  • Handpieces generally last 5-7 years; however, maintenance is key to ensuring their longevity. NSK offers the highly recommended iCare hanadpiece maintenance system, designed to clean and lubricate the bearings of the handpiece, which helps to extend the lifespan of the handpieces.

Repair or replace?

  • Handpiece technology improves all the time, so it makes sense for dental practices to upgrade their units every few years. That said, dentists are advised to have their Ti-Max Z900L evaluated and, if necessary, serviced if it is running roughly or loudly. Handpieces in need of service are sent to NSK’s service department, located at its corporate office in Hoffman Estates, IL., and repairs are billed through NSK’s authorized distributors. NSK offers an exceptional worry-free warranty.

How it works:

  • The Ti-Max Z900L handpiece is air-driven, connects to the NSK coupler and is available in different back-ends for major couplers, such as KaVo, Star, MidWest, W&H.

What you need to know:

  • The high-speed Ti-Max Z900L delivers 26 watts of power.  The unique design of turbine of the handpiece allows this power output, enabling fast cutting as well as a smooth, consistent cutting feel.

The Z900L features a solid titanium body with a DURAGRIP coating. Its slim neck, angled head and a unique finger-and-thumb notch enhance ergonomics and access. The Ti-Max Z900L is also equipped with cellular glass optics and long-lasting ceramic bearings.

Improvements to the technology:

  • Handpiece technology gets better all the time, particularly with regard to power, small head and neck size. Newer handpieces have become quieter as well. Z900L has a unique design of turbine, which allows a high power output as well as a smooth and quiet operation.

Price range:

  • NSK sells through our authorized distributors, however the MSRP for our Z series air-driven handpieces is $1,399. NSK’s current promotion lasts until the end of the year: buy 3 get 2 free with trade in of an older air-driven handpiece.

Start a discussion with your customers by saying,

  • “Doctor, are you aware that we have a trial program that allows you to try this powerful handpiece in your office for one month, prior to purchasing? Hands-on experience with a piece of equipment is always the best way to decide if it’s a good fit for your practice.”

Addressing your customers’ concerns:

  • When dentists object to the price of the handpiece, sales reps should remind them that NSK offers great promotions that are always worth exploring.

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