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StarDental® 430 Torque

Primary function:

  • Ideal for use on cutting teeth and implants, the 430 Torque is the newest high-speed handpiece in the StarDental® line, with 27 watts of power (based on an independent study on file with StarDental).

Life of equipment:

  • Handpieces can last several years, depending on how well they are cleaned and maintained. The useful life of the 430 Torque can be prolonged by following recommended cleaning and sterilization instructions provided with each new handpiece. Instructions can also be found on the DentalEZ® web site.

Repair or replace?

  • When dentists notice a change in the sound of the turbine or a slight wobble when a burr or drill bit is inserted, it is time to have their handpiece serviced. Star® handpieces can be easily repaired to extend their life. StarDental turbines can be replaced chairside, while other components can be repaired at our repair facility. Customers can work with their DentalEZ service reps to have handpieces repaired and returned as quickly as possible.

How it works:

  • Dentists select their cutting tips, based on a particular procedure. Fiber optic lighting is available for better visibility of the operative site, and the irrigation port helps keep bur and operative site cool while cutting.

Improvements to the technology:

  • In recent years, handpiece technology has seen several improvements, including the use of exotic, lightweight metals and ceramic components, which help increase performance while improving balance and ergonomics.

Price range:

  • Handpiece pricing generally depends on features, such as speed, lighting, size and weight of materials. When dentists opt for less expensive models, the tradeoff is a shorter life expectancy, as well as less durable components and turbines.

Start a discussion with your customers by asking:

  • “Doctor, how important is handpiece lighting to your practice?”
  • “Do you appreciate a smaller head diameter? Are you looking for a lighter weight unit?”
  • “How frequently will the handpiece be used at your practice? Are you looking for a higher-end unit, or do you need a basic handpiece that includes features essential for drilling and cutting?”

Addressing your customers’ concerns:

  • StarDental offers a broad selection of handpieces, designed to address each office’s needs. Dentists can choose from low cost units, which include the bare essential features, to lube-free units and powerful, high-end titanium units, which feature fiber optics.

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