Share Moving Media acquires DENTALFAX

Acquisition brings added value for First Impressions readers.

When Share Moving Media began to consider complimentary products to add to its dental business, DENTALFAX was at the top of its list, according to First Impressions Magazine and Efficiency in Group Practice publisher Bill Neumann. A dedicated subscriber to DENTALFAX, he recognized the value the online news publication could bring to First Impressions readers. With the October 1, 2017, acquisition of DENTALFAX, “we can take advantage of a lot of cross-platform information sharing opportunities,” he says. (Editor’s note: The newsletter will be called DentalFacts moving forward).

“While both First Impressions Magazine and DENTALFAX are industry focused, First Impressions is more dealer centric, with full length educational articles geared to distribution reps, and DENTALFAX contains bite-sized pieces of news and data that distributors, suppliers and direct sellers can use to stay informed,” Neumann continues. “I anticipate we will begin to include highlights of DENTALFAX in First Impressions, as well as include hyperlinks in DENTALFAX to certain stories from both First Impressions and our DSO publication, Efficiency in Group Practice.”

Indeed, the strong legacy and brand recognition DENTALFAX carries in the industry is expected to solidify First Impressions Magazine’s standing as the top resource for dental industry news and educational content, Neumann points out. At the same time, DENTALFAX will be able to take advantage of the vast array of resources Share Moving Media offers. “As a single-person enterprise with limited bandwidth, DENTALFAX has had limited growth,” he notes. “The acquisition will enable DENTALFAX to expand its editorial content and quickly scale the business.

By Laura Thill


The new sister publication of First Impressions has become an industry go-to for reliable, cutting-edge information.

When Jim Ferrell, CEO, The Anaheim Group, decided to start a dental newsletter 23 years ago, he followed his instincts. As for rules, there were none to follow. Indeed, Ferrell’s model for starting DENTALFAX – as well as several offshoot products – reflected nothing they teach in basic college marketing classes, he admits. “We’re taught to pick a target market, find an unfilled need, develop our product and launch it,” he says, noting that he launched DENTALFAX by working his way backwards.

Indeed, the birth of DENTALFAX in September 1994 was “serendipitous,” notes Ferrell. “At that time, the only Internet source of news was AOL,” he points out. “I began scanning news releases related to the dental industry, looking for potential consulting assignments. In September, I compiled DENTALFAX as a synopsis of the news of the worldwide dental industry, which was compiled from AOL’s news releases. By the end of 1994, around 100 dental executives had subscribed to our publication. We named it DENTALFAX, because back then, virtually no one had an email account. The newsletter was transmitted by fax!”

At the time, Ferrell had no idea whether DENTALFAX would be successful, although it quickly became apparent that his target audience would include executives and managers at both dental manufacturing and distribution firms, he recalls. Dentists and clinicians were harder to attract, however. “After many attempts at cracking the practicing dentist market, it became apparent that dentists as a whole were not a target for our newsletters.” By contrast, the company’s mission took a bit longer to narrow down. “Our mission statement developed as we interacted with our clients,” he says.  “Eventually, it became apparent that the DENTALFAX mission was to provide business and technical information to the worldwide dental industry.”

Steady growth
Not only did the monthly newsletter grow steadily over the next three years, subscribers began to ask to receive it more frequently. In January 1997, Ferrell introduced DENTALFAX Weekly.

As the subscription business grew and technology evolved, Ferrell and his team continued to research new communications outlets, and in 2001, he introduced The Dental Industry Review. “This publication provided a concise synopsis of the key business and technical information/developments from the previous year,” he says.

Soon afterward, “The Anaheim Group discovered innovative methods of compiling patent data from the worldwide dental industry,” says Ferrell. “By subscribing to a special proprietary database, The Anaheim Group was able to compile the complete catalogue of worldwide dental industry patents.” Today, each issue of DENTALFAX Monthly includes a list of over 200 international dental patents compiled from the United States Patent & Trademark Office, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World International Property Organization (WIPO).

They also added PatentFax, a monthly informational publication created for the global dental industry. “PatentFax provides dental technology executives with a list of patents, as well as a file containing all issued patents in PDF format,” he says. “Even the smallest dental company can review and understand their major competitors’ technical advancements.”

In addition to its products offered through a subscription, The Anaheim Group has added several other informational products over the years:

  • The Annual Dental Industry Review.
  • The Annual Worldwide Dental Industry Metrics Report.
  • The Global Dental Industry Acquisition Report.

“The Annual Worldwide Dental Industry Metrics Report is unlike anything available in the Worldwide Dental Industry,” says Ferrell. “As many as 100 publicly traded worldwide dental firms are included in this report. Each firm’s operating results are analyzed, and relevant data is calculated for each annual report per firm. No other source in the worldwide dental industry provides this level of financial detail. This data allows dental industry CEOs to compare other established firms’ financial data to their own.”

Similarly, The Global Dental Industry Acquisition Report, which provides historical acquisition information from 2013 to present day, enables privately owned firms to calculate their value. “This special technical narrative is only available from The Anaheim Group,” says Ferrell.

A new direction
On October 1, 2017, DENTALFAX was officially acquired by First Impressions Magazine’s parent company, Share Moving Media. “The acquisition enables DENTALFAX to be a part of SMM’s national stature and its ability to reach technical members of the international dental industry,” says Ferrell. “SMM will be able to use its wide range of marketing skills to increase the overall reach of the DENTALFAX product. Additionally, SMM will help targeted individual organizations take advantage of the marketing tools provided by DENTALFAX.

“It was my intent to find an organization in a position to take over my business and increase its market share. Share Moving Media is the ideal firm to accomplish this.”



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