Sharp from the Start

When it comes to instrumentation, Hu-Friedy ensures long-lasting sharpness.

Dental manufacturers today are held to a higher standard than ever before. When they claim to offer the sharpest and longest-lasting scaler on the market, they must back that up with high-quality instruments that permit clinicians to perform at their best.

For this reason, Hu-Friedy has partnered with CATRA, an independent specialized blade laboratory. With the ability to test the sharpness level of scalers, the company can ensure it does indeed provide clinicians with the sharpest and longest-lasting scalers on the market. In fact, CATRA testing reportedly has proved that Hu-Friedy’s feature scaler brand, EverEdge 2.0, is 72 percent sharper out of the box and 50 percent sharper after 500 strokes. Above all else, clinicians look for scalers that are sharp from the very start, remain sharp after repeated use and can be re-sharpened at any point to the original factory sharpness level. When clinicians can rely on the instrument’s sharpness, they can perform the procedure with less pressure and fewer strokes, enhancing both their own comfort and that of the patient.

The EverEdge 2.0 also features a superior, proprietary heat treatment process; enhanced finishing process; and an optimized steel, ensuring superior edge retention and wear characteristics designed to last the entire life of the instrument, according to Hu-Friedy. Because the coating is not superficial, these characteristics cannot be scraped away. As such, at any point, the EverEdge 2.0 can be sharpened, extending its life – an important point for sales reps to note when clinicians raise concerns about the useful life of a scaler.

Hu-Friedy understands the importance of balancing quality and cost. The EverEdge 2.0 is said to be 45 percent sharper than the original EverEdge, but the price of the instrument has remained unchanged. The company is confident that once your customers try the EverEdge 2.0, they will be sold on its sharpness and edge-retentive characteristics. For those with doubts, however, sales reps should refer them to, a Hu-Friedy program that enables clinicians to register and recycle up to 12 old or broken instruments in exchange for a brand new, free EverEdge 2.0 scaler – a great opportunity to try the instrument and see the value before they purchase it.

Editor’s note: First Impressions Magazine would like to thank Hu-Friedy for its assistance with this piece.







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